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Posts from ‘May, 2011’

Monster #463 — It’s Friday!

it's friday!

I feel bad I dressed that guy in a parka/snowsuit-type thing. It’s going to be hot and humid today. I hope they’ve got ice for their grape soda.

Happy Friday, peoples. I am unusually excited it’s finally here. This week has been too much.

Monster #462 (maybe) — Know your monsters!

know your monsters

You might want to print this out and carry it with you, in case you encounter a monster in the wild and want to correctly identify it.

Bonus! Voz vs. Numbers

voz vs numbers

This is a true story (except for the talking dog).

Numbers, somehow, always manage to trip me up. I don’t know what it is about them and my brain, but they just can’t play nice together. More than once I have caught myself updating the monster blog with the wrong number. I got in the habit of checking to see what number I was on before beginning the update itself, but in that second or two between looking at the post and loading the screen to update, I would get the numbers wrong. Sometimes more than once. Sometimes more than twice.

Go ahead, look right now. I go magically from 457 to 258! I just caught it this morning. I’m hopeless! Why can’t all numbers be 5???

Monster #461 — Lookout!


At the corner of Lookout! and Watch it! Streets, in the town of OMG!

Monster #260 — Ned’s mistake

cupcake of humanity

Why Ned was purchasing cupcakes in just his knickers is anybody’s guess.

Monster #259 — Apocalypse Time!


Half way through doomsday here…I’m trying to use up that book of stamps I bought *just in case*.

Monster #258 — The Minotaur

the minotaur

I found this drawing in a sketchbook I don’t usually use for doodling. I have no memory of drawing it and I have no idea what it means.

WHAT does the minotaur have a bad feeling about?

Is it Monday?

Are those new jeans and he hasn’t washed them yet?

Did he just eat something questionable at the school cafeteria?

Did some curly haired naked guy named Theseus just ask him out on a date?

What could it be??

Who knew doodling could create such mystery.

Monster #457 — Nice Wheels!

nice wheels

I think it’s love…♥

Monster #456 — You’re a wizzid, Harry!

you're a wizzid, Harry

For those who don’t speak New England, the weird word in the title is “wizard”.

Monster #455 — Rosy-cheeked caperings: 10 miles

rosy-cheeked caperings 10 miles

This must be in the town of Uptonogood.