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Posts from ‘January, 2011’

Monster #448 — The winner!

the winner!

This is another one of those confusing situations (like this one.) Did the snake win? Or is the snake the defeated opponent? Or the prize itself? Why is the monsterverse so hard to decipher? And what does it say about me that I can’t figure my own drawings out?

Monster #447 — Take the Queen for a Walk Day

take the queen for a walk

In style, naturally.

Monster #446 — Strange, Beastly, and Foul

strange, beastly, and foul

Need a lawyer?

Monster #445 — Next stop…


That’s after this stop.

Next stop is actually cookies in my house. I’m hosting a tea party tomorrow and am currently making lots of cookies to delight and astound my stuffed animals friends. If you’re not busy, stop by.

Monster #444 — Golem + flounder protest stuff

golem + flounder protest

Everyone’s got SOMETHING they feel passionate about, right?

Monster #443 — Give us some money!

give us some money

Personally, I’d just like a new pair of pink striped socks. My favorite pair finally became more holey than socky.

Monster #442 — New year, part 1

new year, part 1

Maybe turbans will be in this year. Or is that a bamboo shoot on his head?

Monster #441 — gobsmacked