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Posts from ‘February, 2010’

Monster #392 — Next stop…

ice cream yay


Monster #391 — The Joneses

the joneses

These guys are the characters from a comic strip my son nagged asked me to draw. It’s all about pudding pirates in outer space. I think they’re a father/son duo, but I’m not clear on that. Actually, I’m not clear on anything about the story, but that’s not a surprise.

Monster #390 — oooh!


Come over, we have more. We’ll share!

Monster #38somethingorother — I’m too lazy to look

everyone is so needy

Everyone is so NEEDY!

Monster #388 — What’s up there?

that cliff, at the bottom

The companion piece to this doodle.

Monster #387 — What day is it?

what day is it?

My son had a snow day yesterday. I woke up this morning thinking it was Monday. By the time I accept the fact that it’s Thursday, it will be Friday. Help!

Not a monster, unless you reject my love.

voz confesses

Seriously. You guys are the best.

Monster #386 — Can we keep him?

can we keep him?

Ninja sticker courtesy of Marcus Hadlock who would definitely let them keep him. (I would too, but I’d have to enforce the “no swords in the house” rule.)

Thanks, Marcus!

Monster #385 — Misunderstood, part 2

misunderstood, part 2

Oh, now I see why he said what he said. Poor little guy.

Monster #384 — Donatsu!


Stay for Lunch? goes 3-D!

With doughnuts!

So, it’s technically not a doodle, is it?

I did doodle the trees, and I did make the monsters, but not the mammoth or the doughnuts or the iced coffee or the little monkey chap from photo #2.

You’re really nice though, so you’ll let me call it a monster doodle, right?