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Posts from ‘November, 2009’

Monster #313 — The Magic Fork

the magic fork

I don’t know what a magic fork would do exactly, but maybe that’s beside the point.

Monster #312 — Not so clever Hans

not so clever hans

Linky bonus, in case you’re curious: Clever Hans.

Monster #311 — Happy Golems eat cookies

grateful golem

This wouldn’t be possible without your generous help.

Monster #310 — No escaping the deadline monster

no escaping the deadline monster

Monster #309 — Identity crisis?

what is that?

He’s some kind of vulture/executive/hunchback/thing. Or something.

Monster #308 — Tora desu!

tora da!

He’s just jealous.

Monster #307 — Monster worries

more monster worries

So much to worry about! First monkeys, now this!

Monster #306 — Why doncha do me right?

Imitation Frank Zappa

Imitation Frank Zappa, apparently.

Monster #305 — Get off the computer!


I’m sure I wouldn’t survive without check lists. I would melt into a puddle of overwhelmed, unproductive, time-wasting slime.

Monster #304 — It’s not money, honey.

makes the world go round