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Posts from ‘November, 2009’

Monster #322 — I Use SI Units!

si units

I haven’t gotten around to scanning my most recent doodles from my sketchbook so instead you get to see my most recent Fishcakes monster.

Science is woefully underrepresented in my designs. I’ve got grammar/punctuation and dessert covered, but very little science. I don’t want my scientifically-minded customers to feel left out, so the SI unit monster is here to save the day. Or at least measure it accurately in metres.

Day #330

day #330

(In case you didn’t know.)

Monster #321 — *pause*


This is how I feel right about now…

Monster #320 — hawt? awth? what?


Monster #319 — Tell me when we are.

ab so lute ly not

How can you not have fun wearing a hat like that??

Monster #318 — Aren’t we cute?


Monster #317 — You can be a magician!

Thinking about a career in magic?

It’s always good to have a fall back plan.

Monster #316 — I’m still not caught up!

drama drama drama

In case you’re looking for the perfect National Pie Day* gift for me: I would like a sweater like that cow/dog/thing has, but if it could have stripes the same colors as the quadrupedal snake, that’d be swell. Thanks.

* not to be confused with Pi Day.

Monster #315 — There are 38 days left in 2009

how does that make you feel?

Monster #314 — It’s all about cheese.

the cheese course

Do you think they mean that philosophically?