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Posts from ‘October, 2009’

Monster #293 — The end is near!

prepare part 1

This doomsday doodle was immediately followed in my sketchbook by the one below. I didn’t think they were related, but if it’s the end of the world, you might want to have a snack while you’re waiting for the horsemen to show up.

prepare part 2

Monster #292 — The daily grind


That’s me on the right.

And that’s me on the left.

It’s a difficult relationship.

Monster #291 — Lion Oil!


I doodled this at breakfast this morning while my son and I were talking about palindromes and how they make artificial scents. I mean how people make artificial scents. As far as I know palindromes aren’t scented at all.

Monster #290 — Great expectations


I drew this while I was at that conference. I just found it in my notes.

Monster #289 — Slow down!


He’s saying ”please slow down”, but I have no idea why.

Monster #288 — The Mr. Sweater fan club!


This is a drawing of my son’s stuffed alligator toy, Mr. Sweater.

He talks with a Swedish accent. As you can see, everyone loves him. And his sweater.

We also have a stuffed toy crab named Nori. For some reason he has an Indian accent (like the splenda chap) and falls asleep if you turn him upside down.

We also have a gigantic stuffed dolphin named Corny and an equally gigantic stuffed catfish named Cate, but they only speak fish.

Monster #287 – Maybe *this* is utopia?


stripes = compulsory (unless you have antlers)
shirts = optional

Monster #286 — I wear the pants!

the pants

What do you wear?

Monster #285 — Thanks for the add.


Monster #284 — But I’m not ready.


Can you hear the whine in his voice?