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Posts from ‘September, 2009’

Monster #263 — Sargeant parfait speaks


Monster #262 — How does that thing work?


Monster #261 — Anybody seen Harry?


Not a Monster


I was up way too late last night putting books together. I heard a fine variety of night time noises including one coyote, a nighthawk (aka “goatsucker”) and another bird I have been hearing all summer and still can’t identify.

Incidentally, the Cornell Ornithology site says the Common Nighthawk looks “like a big bat with headlights”. Cooooool!

Monster #260 — Mrs. Peel…

mrs peel

I don’t watch regular TV, but I do watch stuff I can get from the library. Perry Mason and The Avengers are the current favorites.

Monster #259 — Aisle 3


I was at the grocery store one time and this older Indian man stopped me and asked if I knew where the Splenda was. I directed him to the aisle where I thought it would be and went on shopping. A few aisles later I saw him asking another customer if he knew where the Splenda was. He gave him the same directions. Then, as I was standing in line at the check out I heard him roaming through the aisles, pushing his cart calling out, “Does anybody know where the Splenda is?” The Indian accent only made the whole thing better.

Now every time I pass the Splenda at the store I wonder if he ever found it.

Monster #258 — Something else

something else

Has anyone noticed I can’t count? I routinely have to go edit the numbers of my monster posts because I’ve missed one or ten or two dozen. I just fixed the last ten I posted because they were in the 150’s instead of the 250’s. I’d like to say this is only an occasional thing, but it’s more like once a week.

And speaking of numbers, my alarming look-how-fast-time-is-speeding-by-you-OMG-don’t-you-feel-old-now calendar says there are only 100 days left in 2009. Crazy.

Oh, and hey, it’s Autumn now.

Monster #257 — But…

but... but...

Did someone just say they ate all the cookies?

Monster #256 — Now is the time

now is the time

Monster #255 — We said ‘please’.

cookies please?

If anyone finds out, let me know.