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Posts from ‘June, 2009’

Monster #165 – Bonnet


Oh bonnets. Why did they ever go out of style?

Monster #164 – Worm Awareness


That worm’s name is probably Joel.

Monster #163 – Milkshakes


Subtlety is an art.

Monster #162 – A confession

killer bees

When I was a kid I was terrified of cicadas. I thought they could bore a hole through anything, and if you stepped on one it would chew right through your shoe.

And don’t get me started on Army Ants!

Monster #161 – Things Hurt

things hurt

Like, for instance, my head.

Self portrait … at the art fair.


I had to get my computer fixed again, which is my excuse for not posting recently. If you don’t like that excuse, how about: I’ve been getting ready for a art fair and was busy making thousands of buttons. Or: I was busy selling buttons and standing around on concrete for hours looking quite a lot like this drawing.

Anyhow. My computer is fixed (again) (hopefully) and as soon as I get my scanner hooked up, I will post monsters again. Promise.

You’ll wait for me, right?

Monster #160 – This way to the rectangles!


Commissioned by my son, at breakfast.

Monster #159 – Brave or stupid?


Maybe they’re about to wake him. Or maybe they’re singing some irritating song quietly hoping it will get lodged in his sleeping brain and he’ll sing it all day once he wakes up. Maybe they just want a better look at how he styles his hair. Or maybe they’re just in awe of his ass-kicking abilities, but are too shy to show it when he’s awake.

Anyway, Mifune-sama is keeping me company while I make buttons. Like, a zillion of them. When he’s not kicking ass or scratching his beard he’s asleep.

Monster #158 – Thirsty Monsters


Monster #157 – It Never Will

make sense

Where did that army helmet come from?