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Posts from ‘June, 2009’

Monster #174 – Drink a toast to Charlie!


I have been listening to Chumbawamba’s most recent album, which has a jaunty little tune about Charles Darwin.

All of nature in its place
By hand of the designer
Comes our Charlie spins the world
From here to Asia Minor
In between the Platypus
And perfect Aphrodite
Charlie come with opposing thumb
To question the Almighty

Monster #173 – IF topic: worn


When you’ve worn your last clean shirt—that one you keep in the bottom of the drawer and never wear unless you have no choice—it’s time to do laundry.

Monster #172 – A big fan.

OMG! David Attenborough!

Photo: Eddie Mulholland/BBC

Monster #171 – Not what you expected.


Monster #170 – Must I?


Monster #169 – Beware the trouserman!


I just finished reading The Nation by Terry Pratchett. Trousermen was what the main character in the story, who lives on a fictional island in the fictional-south-fictional-Pacific sea, called Europeans.

It’s supposed to read Beware the Trouserman! but it kind of looks like Beware the Trouser, man. Which is slightly different.

Bonus! Self-portrait

voz realizes

Monster #168 – etc?


Monster #167 – Waffles and Wall Paper


Monster #166 – Love Love Love Love Love Love


Me too!