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Posts from ‘April, 2009’

Monster #Something, I forget


I’m with the little guy at the bottom.

Monster #114 – Halp!


I have doodles to post but the computer crashing thingie that’s going on is seriously impairing my scanning ability. I promise a monster doodle posting bonanza as soon as I can manage it. For now you get this phone doodle depicting some kind of bizarre nightmare I’ve never had but surely will now.

Monster #113 – Hoo Boy!


Well it *is* a very nice hat.

Monster #112 – look out

look out

I am having as of yet unidentified but highly irritating computer problems. Crashy, big time. That’s my excuse for not posting yesterday and my future excuse for maybe not posting tomorrow. Just in case I can’t.

Monster #111 – Hooray for 5!

hooray for 5!

This is in answer to Bella’s question AND it includes nipples!

Monster #110 – Shhhh!


Voz has questions.


Monster #109 – crabby day


Monster #108 – an Irish blessing


Yes, this is the kind of day I had. Now go away.

Monster #107 – well hello there

well hello there friend

My stacked monsters always remind me of the fairy tale The Bremen Town Musicians. This one especially I think because of that chicken-thing on top.