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Posts from ‘March, 2009’

Monster #89

child resistant

This is part of a bigger phone doodle. The full thing is here. I doodled on the envelope too.

Monster #88 – bunny?


Such a heart-breaking scene.

Monster #87 – windy day

windy day

Monster #86 – Awkward


They have something to tell you but don’t know how to say it.

Monster #85 – eating X


Imagine going out to your garden and being able to pick and eat fresh, organic X. I wonder if it grows in my zone.

Confession #1

voz's secret ambition

Actually my secret ambition is to be Quentin Blake but I probably have a better shot at running a chipper van.

You know, I’d settle for having Quentin Blake as my neighbor who sometimes knocks on my door and asks to borrow a cup of ink. That’d be ok too.

And I could serve him chips!

Monster #84 – Bakayaro!


This has NOTHING to do with that. OK?

Monster #83 – semaphore burlesque

semaphore burlesque

Google “semaphore burlesque” and you get NOTHING. Until now.

I’m keeping this in mind as my next career option should my business fail.

Monster #82 – Hello Spring!


I like winter, spring, and fall. Summer I could skip. This is my so-far list of all the signs of spring I’ve seen. Yesterday it was 30F so the frogs were all silent. No doubt snuggled up in their beds with a cup of tea and a good book (maybe the Field Guide to North American Insects?)

Monster #81 — I should go to bed

go to bed

A before bed doodle. I was so sleeeeepy.