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Posts from ‘February, 2009’

Monster #48 is impressed


I’m partial to swell myself.

Monster #47 — What day is it?


Sometimes I have the same problem this echidna-dolphin-thing is having. Not often, but sometimes. And it’s bad when it happens. I have to remember super important, day-specific things like: Monday is Library Day, so the library book has to be in the backpack on Monday. I can’t do that if I don’t know what day it is.

Finding the library book is another thing entirely.

Monster #46 — Tea please


It’s awful when you’re somewhere far away from hot water and tea bags and you want a cup of tea. Tragic, really. Enough to make a grown man weep.

I love tea. Right now I’m drinking Barry’s Gold Blend and it kicks so much butt. (Even if it isn’t Earl Grey.) If I could hug my tea cup I would.

Monster #45 — Elton John Denver


I’m working on a monster word book which means I get to sit around and read dictionaries. Seriously. How awesome is my job?

Monster #44 — Love is…


Happy Valentines Day and stuff.

Monster #43 — Arigatou


I’m not entirely sure how this guy gets into his sweater. Maybe he has a valet.



There are three people in my house who are messy. Our combined efforts make the house one great big, cluttered disaster. All the time.

Instead of tidying up, I drew what I could see from the couch.

Monster #42 — Tea break


Monster #41 – A herd of things


These guys are so much fun to draw. I can’t help but think of my chickens when I do. There’s definitely a chickeny vibe about them. Those things on their heads definitely glow in the dark, I’m sure of it.

Monster #40 — Say Cheese!