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Posts from ‘February, 2009’

Monster #58 — Tremor


I have a slight tremor in my hand because of a medication I take. It’s not all the time but I’ve noticed it’s worse in the afternoon. And since I do a lot of doodling while I’m waiting for my son’s school dismissal I often have to fight with my shaky hand to do what I want it to do. The little speech balloon is how bad it would be if I just held the pen on the paper without applying pressure. It’s only really frustrating when I’m trying to do details.

Monster #57 – Sometimes


Monster #56 — Call the Pink Scribble Police


Monster #55 — Sugars


Tune in next week for Glucose!

Monster #54 — The Boot


Artist’s interpretation of a friend’s broken-legged, booted predicament.

Monster Word Book! (Monster #53)

critics2I’m so excited! I finished my Monster Word Book this weekend. My fancy stapler (that staples up to 12 inches from the side of the page like a dream come true) was delivered on Friday so I got to try it out. It was super. I got giddy. I really did.

The book is 12 pages of words and monsters, 72 words in all! In color, even. And it’s pretty swell if I say so myself. I definitely had fun making it. So much that I want to make another one right away. But I guess I need to get this one out there first.

As soon as I get it up somewhere to buy I will post a link to it in the sidebar.

Monster #52 — Need caffeine


One of the best things about compulsive doodling is that I can entertain myself anywhere I go. And I’m easily entertained, obviously. This doodle cracked me up for a good ten minutes. Simple pleasures for simple minds.

Monster #51 — Touching Noses


Monster #50 — The Golem

Yay! My 50th monster!


My son and I have been reading The Golem’s Eye by Jonathan Stroud. It’s a little slow-going for an 8 year-old, there’s lots of talking between the action, but there are characters that more than make up for it.

Last night we got to the part where the golem is trashing the British Museum. At that point in the story we don’t know for sure what it is (unless your mom tells you) and it’s covered in a blackness that hides its form. My son had an “OMG! WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN?” look on his face through the whole thing. I had to keep myself from looking at him because it was so comical. Cracking up would’ve ruined the story.

Anyhow, the golem. He’s made of clay and he breaks stuff. But it’s not his fault.

Monster #49 — Hooray for…


We don’t watch TV in my house but we do play computer games. And like all parents I find myself having to put limits on how much computer game playing goes on in one day. (I’m quite sure my son could play SimCity for six days straight.) So we divide the hours he’s home up into digital time and analog time.

I think this might be the analog cheer squad. Go analog!