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Posts from ‘January, 2009’

Monster #31 — Mommy Monster and her Cane!


Does it count if I’m the monster in question?

My back is way better than it was earlier this week but I still can’t sit down for any length of time. I’m forced to find creative ways to lie on the floor in order to get anything done. My doodling has been seriously impaired. Just look at that handwriting! Awful!

Monster #30 — Utopia


I drew this while waiting for it to be time to go pick up The Boy from school. I often sit in the school parking lot doodling and listening to NPR until the bell rings.

I’m not sure if these guys qualify as monsters or not. Maybe that brown guy with the squirrel friend, he’s a sort of otter-bear type thing but whoa, those teeth.

Monster #29 — Property of

PT monsters

How awesome is it that my PT office is called Healy Physical Therapy?

Monsters #25, 26, 27, and 28 — Excuses, excuses

stay for lunchBear with me here. I messed up my back and have been unable to do much except lie on the floor and feel sorry for myself for a few days. I hate to use that as an excuse for slacking off in the monster doodle department (different from the Department of Monster Doodling) but lordy, it’s hard to do much doodling when you’re flat on your back.

I did, however manage this little scene on a page from the senior section of my favorite local publication. There were even crayons within reach, thanks to the fact that I haven’t been able to pick anything up off the floor for four days so the whole house is strewn with pencils, crayons, LEGOS, discarded socks, and school papers courtesy of The Boy.

Physical therapy starts Friday. I’m really looking forward to sitting a chair for more than a few seconds without it hurting.

Monster #24 – Sharing


There haven’t been nearly enough ice cream monsters. I really need to fix that.

Udon on the run


Every time I eat udon I get rapturous. Seriously.



In my house, this is the standard answer to the question, “what’dyousay?”

Monster #23 — Year of the Ox

prime numbers

Prime Number Monsters who vaguely resemble oxen. It is the Year of the Ox, after all.

Monster #22 (is very specific)


Monster #21 — What’s he thinking?

monster 21