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Monster #429 — First Prize!

first prize!

Did he win it because of that creature, or maybe the creature is first prize?

Monster #428 — On sale!

Now in powdered form!

Man, she is so lucky. Yes never goes on sale! No is always on buy-one-get-one special, but never Yes. It’s even hard to find Maybe in the stores these days.

Monster #427 — Crunchy Snack!

crunchy snack

Crunchy implies salty. The other snack category is, of course, chocolate.

Monster #426 — Bring it on!

bring it on

There’s some studio cleaning and rearranging going on today. I’ve been kind of avoiding this task for a while, but now I’m ready to go in and whip that place into shape. Wish me luck!

Monster #425 — Oh, you stop it!

you stop it

I mean that specifically as well as generally, but not if you’re making me some cupcakes. I would never tell you to stop if you’re making me cupcakes.

PS. Yesterday was canceled, that’s why there was no doodle. You got the memo, right? You didn’t show up did you?

Monster #424 — Hey Mom . . .

hey mom ...

Where would we be without mom?

Monster #423 — No Idea.

no idea

Sometimes I feel like this. Luckily, I don’t look like this.

Monster #422 — Here’s your snake…

snake distribution day

I saw a snake in the yard yesterday. It must have been afraid because it slithered away pretty fast. Who knew snakes were Vozphobic!

I’m so misunderstood. *sigh*

Anyway…here’s your snake.

Monster #421 – Advice


I ask for advice, this is what I get.

Anyone have a spare pony?

Monster #420 — I’m FINE!

voz needs help!

Apparently, I’m anemic. I’m not sure it counts as being sick, but if you want to give me a vacation or a hug, I won’t turn you down.