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I have this nagging fear…

conference questions

I was at a conference all day today. I can’t remember the last time I was at a conference. Conferences just don’t happen in my life.

(This is ok with me.)

I was surrounded by educator-type professionals and doctor-type professionals. It was like the being on a field trip to the grownup world.

It’s weird there, but they have excellent cookies.

Another confession from Voz


I would also like to confess the gold tooth is fake.

I wasn’t here, but now I am.


I’m home! Did you miss me? I bet you didn’t even know I was gone. Well I was.

For a whole week I was away from my home and laptop and scanner and wide array of writing instruments and inspirational chaos. Using a combination of entries scheduled to post while I was away and a few wrestling matches with my mother’s scanner, I managed to keep the monsters going, but only barely.

There’s no monster for today, but if there were a monster for today it would have a sore butt and bleary eyes from too many hours in a car on the highway.

But it would be very happy to be home.

Bonus! Self-portrait

voz realizes

Self portrait … at the art fair.


I had to get my computer fixed again, which is my excuse for not posting recently. If you don’t like that excuse, how about: I’ve been getting ready for a art fair and was busy making thousands of buttons. Or: I was busy selling buttons and standing around on concrete for hours looking quite a lot like this drawing.

Anyhow. My computer is fixed (again) (hopefully) and as soon as I get my scanner hooked up, I will post monsters again. Promise.

You’ll wait for me, right?



I have been so busy working on projects I haven’t even had a chance to properly play with my new hiragana and katakana stamps. It’s torture. They’re all shiny and new and organized and waiting. But I have 70 armadillo magnets to finish and ship out by Friday.

yatta! = yay! (at least in this context it does)



Shiny new hard drive. And lots of preferences to remember and reset.

Voz has questions.


Confession #1

voz's secret ambition

Actually my secret ambition is to be Quentin Blake but I probably have a better shot at running a chipper van.

You know, I’d settle for having Quentin Blake as my neighbor who sometimes knocks on my door and asks to borrow a cup of ink. That’d be ok too.

And I could serve him chips!

Monster #63 — Things I did

what has voz done

A page from my journal from yesterday afternoon. If I’d continued through the day I could’ve added “dropped a bag of flour on the floor” and “spent a long time sweeping up”.