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Monster #484 — It’s Pudding Hour!


Pretty much every hour, right?

Monster #483 — Yes Let’s!

let's party

I wish they’d invite me along. They look like they know how to have fun.

Monster #482 — We Love You!

oh hi

It’s true! We do! You’re ever so swell! <3

Monster # 481 — It’s Bilingual Monday!


Arf! Know what I mean?


complain complain

You know who you are…

Monster #479 — The End is Near!

the end is near

I think if you’re going to claim the end is near, you should be specific. Better to avoid confusion at the end times, don’t you think?

Oh and HI, by the way. I was away, but now I’m back. Did you miss me?

Monster #478 — Trout time!

trout time

Time flies.

Monster #477 — Shopping lady

shopping lady

Monster #476 — I’m awesome!

for a living

Apparently the job of being awesome means you get an awesome hat.

Monster #475 — Why is the coffee gone?

the coffee

Seems only fitting this should follow yesterday’s sleepy post.