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Doodle #519 – Not a Potato

not a potato

I can’t tell if this is a confession, an affirmation, or just denial. Would you know if you were a potato? What if you are, but you just don’t know it??

#495 – SHOUTING!!!



Monster #405 — Candy?


Happy Easter if you’re celebrating. If not, Happy Excuse to Eat Chocolate. Not that you need an excuse.

Monster #384 — Donatsu!


Stay for Lunch? goes 3-D!

With doughnuts!

So, it’s technically not a doodle, is it?

I did doodle the trees, and I did make the monsters, but not the mammoth or the doughnuts or the iced coffee or the little monkey chap from photo #2.

You’re really nice though, so you’ll let me call it a monster doodle, right?


Monster #379 — Advanced Debating

advanced debating

Monster #369 — Are you?

ready? ready.

I just washed my fancy pink knickers, so I’m ready too.

Monster #317 — You can be a magician!

Thinking about a career in magic?

It’s always good to have a fall back plan.

Monster #311 — Happy Golems eat cookies

grateful golem

This wouldn’t be possible without your generous help.

Monster #300! — It’s a holiday!

pants free

This is for Jason and any other fans of “pants optional” holidays!

Monster #270 — 1-800-GOLEMS

if not you

Call the number on your screen.