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Doodle #531 – That’s MISTER Cormorant to you.

mister cormorant

Not a monster, just a little love for my favorite bird. I see them almost every morning when I cross the border to the great state of Rhode Island. They hang out on the reservoir with the herons and the old men who fish from the causeway.

BONUS! Guest Doodle!

Once upon a time I had a little mammoth.

this snow is mammoth approved

He was swell. Happy to tag along while I ran errands around town, didn’t eat too much cake. And then he went missing. So sad.

All this time I’ve been wondering what happened to him. Where could he be? You think the worst, you know? Did he fall in a hole? Did he get buried by a landslide? Did he find an all-you-can-eat swamp grass bar? Where could he be?

Well, on my birthday my friend Jonah was kind enough to clear up the mystery with this drawing.

guest doodle

He has, apparently, been disco dancing with his friend the Birthday Camel. I’m relieved to know he’s safe (but come on, couldn’t he have at least called? Is it so hard to pick up a phone with that trunk?) I do miss him, though.

Thanks for the doodle, Jonah. You’re all kinds of awesome.

Bonus! Voz vs. Numbers

voz vs numbers

This is a true story (except for the talking dog).

Numbers, somehow, always manage to trip me up. I don’t know what it is about them and my brain, but they just can’t play nice together. More than once I have caught myself updating the monster blog with the wrong number. I got in the habit of checking to see what number I was on before beginning the update itself, but in that second or two between looking at the post and loading the screen to update, I would get the numbers wrong. Sometimes more than once. Sometimes more than twice.

Go ahead, look right now. I go magically from 457 to 258! I just caught it this morning. I’m hopeless! Why can’t all numbers be 5???

Bonus post! Voz is grumpy!


I ordered ink for my fancy-ass printer last week and it’s still not here. I can’t get the ink in stores, which I didn’t realize before I bought it. It’s an awesome printer, but when you’re out of cyan, you’re out of cyan until more comes in the mail. I don’t mind ordering it, but they said it would only take 2 or 3 days to get to me. It’s been much longer than that. Meanwhile…the print queue is growing and growing and growing.

Not a monster, unless you reject my love.

voz confesses

Seriously. You guys are the best.

Now taking requests!

i take requests

I’m not saying I’ll honor your requests, but I’m taking them.

Voz says…

voz says

Monster #356 — Mmm Mochi

mochi + lucky flounder

Lucky Flounder is contemplating which mochi to eat first.

Hope you’re out there contemplating something delicious too.

Day #330

day #330

(In case you didn’t know.)

I have this nagging fear…

conference questions

I was at a conference all day today. I can’t remember the last time I was at a conference. Conferences just don’t happen in my life.

(This is ok with me.)

I was surrounded by educator-type professionals and doctor-type professionals. It was like the being on a field trip to the grownup world.

It’s weird there, but they have excellent cookies.