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Doodle #558 – Rugby Problems

rugby problems

Are you worthy?

Doodle #557 – Right? Right?

except bunnies

Bad day in the Monsterverse. Except for bunnies.

Doodle #556 – I Can’t Relate to You

I can't relate to you

Says the quadrupedal fish thing with teeth.

Apathetic Ghost

apathetic ghost

Whatever. Being a ghost isn’t that exciting.

In other slightly related news (you thought this blog was dead, right?), the doodle blog is back. For the time being, anyway.

High five!

Doodle #554 – Drinky drinky bird says…

drinky drinky bird says

Get your own thermodynamic bird here!

Doodle #553 – Good Question

my sense of humor

At least he’s still got his sense of style, huh?

Doodle #552 – Don’t forget to bake before you die!

cutest shinigami
I guess soul reaping makes you peckish.

Doodle #551 – Are you a princess?

No glass slippers or tall towers required for membership.

Doodle #550 – Remember when…

when we were smart

The older my brain gets, the more I think this.

Doodle #549 – Define: strange

strange traffic

Pretty much all traffic in the monsterverse is strange. But maybe some is stranger than others.